Student Testimonials

Cpt. Don G., LFD

Thanks for the training. Both speakers were very good and well versed in the topic. The material was 'needed', yet the range or level of autism varies so greatly, that more time or another class is needed to discuss how to effectively deal with those that are more severe.

Rose C., State Disaster Coordinator

Mr. Hornstein's presentation was very helpful as it served two purposes: He gave his perspective on the life of an autistic individual and what it takes to cope as a parent of one. As a first responder, he was able to give workshop participants good information on how best to deal with autistic individuals during their course of work. The material was helpful, it gave me a better understanding of what autism is and how it affects not only the individual, but the family too.

Lt. Thomas R., KTFPD

The speakers were very knowledgeable on the subject presented, genuine in their passion for the subject, and very relatable do to their personal experiences. The material was well put together and appropriate for the subject. I think this training should become part of the IFSA Juvenile Fire setter Interventionist Program, and I would recommend this training for any and all first responders.

Michael F., CCFD

Very knowledgeable on Autism and effective ways to recognize individuals with autism. Applicable to the course and its objectives. Very useful and applicable to our interactions with patients/victims. I'm sure we have all had patients with autism and not even known it.

Kevin G., EMT Student

I thought the guest speakers were great. It was good to hear from people that have firsthand experience. The information presented really helped to educate me. As a person who didn't know much about autism, I now feel more comfortable handling a situation involving one. If the future courses offered did interest me I would definitely attend. Credit would be great if possible but if it wasn't it would be perfectly fine. I was really worried that I wouldn't understand a lot of the information because I am only an EMT student but you guys did a great job making the class easy to understand. I hope that in the future I have the opportunity to experience another class like the one you guys put together. Thank you for the educating experience.