The objectives of the training:

Training Curriculum:

Training Pre-test

You really don't know about autism unless you know what signs to look for, what to expect and how to handle an individual with autism in an emergency situation. We challenge all firefighters and EMTs to start by testing your knowledge. Take this pre-test to see just how prepared you are for an emergency interaction with an individual with autism. (12 questions, requires 100% to pass, but is for reference only)

Chapter 1 - Knowledge is the key to understanding Autism

Chapter 2 - Search & Rescue: Effective Communication

Chapter 3 - On Scene EMTs Responding

Chapter 4 - Wandering Gone Now What?

Chapter 5 - Conclusion


Program Survey

Print automated personalized state specific Completion Certificate based on registration information

Print non-verbal pain communication picture boards for use on all emergency vehicles

We can track if students retain what is being taught. We can accomplish this by pre-testing at the beginning, along with regular testing at the end of the chapters. All information will be kept for future evaluation. The on-line training and testing is secure with a current SSL certificate on file. The system will require both department and individual logons. This way we can track progress of each Fire/EMS department. It will also let us track the number currently trained in the country.

The system is timed, not allowing a student to fast-forward through the training. Each chapter review requires 80%+ to pass and move forward or the system will require them to study the chapter again.

Our testing program can instantly evaluate as students advance or even compare student to student. This might be helpful when evaluating where the program is effective and where it needs more concentration. The system can be programmed with any questions and track the answers. This could be useful for incident reporting and tracking by inputting answers to questions regarding the outcome of an emergency situation involving an individual with autism. Any number of comparisons can be made with the retained information.

All scores and student information are stored in a secure database and available for audit by the proper government or accreditation body.


Program Coordinator /Executive Director
John M. Sokol, Ph.D. - Captain, Pembroke Township, IL

Creative Input & Research
Bill Cannata - Captain, Westwood, MA
Bram Hornstein, BS - Firefighter/Paramedic, Palatine, IL
Michael Flanagan – Firefighter, Calumet City, IL
Crystal Daniel, MHS, CCC-SLP/L
Amy Marrs – Research Assistant to Dr. Sokol

Program Instructors Bram Hornstein, BS - Firefighter/Paramedic, Palatine, IL John M. Sokol, Ph.D. - Captain, Pembroke Township, IL

K.C. Taylor
Diane Richardson, M.Ed.
Maura McCarthy, BA

Animations, Graphics & Storyboards
K.C. Taylor – Thunderosa International

Website Design & Program Functionality
Jon Goberville, MACS

Video Production & Editing
Philip Gioja - Center Street Productions

Special Thanks for Their Continued Support Pembroke Fire Protection District, Pembroke Township, IL
Twin Hearts Autism Foundation
Rotary Club of Kankakee, IL
IL State Representative Lisa Dugan
IL Risk Watch

This program was made possible in part from a FEMA/DHS Fire Prevention & Safety Grant

Ember 911™, Inc. / is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

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